~New Creations

For my newest creations visit my facebook page ^_^ you can reach it by clicking the link on my webpage :)

Hi :)

Cicicreations will take a short break while I prepare for my son's second bday :) finishing a few orders then party planning mode!!!


Sew Cute For Kids

check out the new batch of sew cute for kids ~ toothfairy pillows

the first batch lol.


who's there?

pink stars

& stripes lol

i love this zoo fabric


Introducing Sew Cute for Kids :)

Monster Tooth-Fairy Mini Pillows :) newest creation & on-sale now for just $5 plus tax&shipping. Stay tuned for more fabric choices!

meet two of the toothy monster friends

ooh the toothfairy came lol
I spot a lady bug

Personalized Pillows W/Client Choice in Fabric

Order your personalized Mini-Fortune Cookie Pillows <3 2 for 18$ deal just two more weeks


So I was able to get a few pictures of my work up and managed to make my page look spiffy <3
For some reason some pictures came out streched? Im still new to this web page thing! I'll figure it out soon, I'm sure :) But at least now you can see some of what I can make with your child's blankets, shirts, onesies....ect! <3
To check out the rest of my creations Please go to my Facebook page. You will be able to see all my pillows/cards & toddler shirts there.


New Pillow Creations Coming SOON!! :)

Working on some new designs can't wait to finish! And once I learn how to use my embroidary machine they will be even more fabulous lol :)
Working on getting pictures up, but in the mean time visit my facebook page ~ link below!
Thanks for your patience :)